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River is Uganda/DRC border. Spotted snare on this hippo's leg. Hope vet will have removed by now. Poachers. Bah!

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2924 days ago

River is Uganda/DRC border. Spotted snare on this hippo's leg. Hope vet will have removed by now. Poachers. Bah!


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valeriebutt 2749 days ago

Have you ever heard of skinny pigs? I suggest you google them if you've never seen one. Very similar except the size!

hebo69 2819 days ago

Thought it was the ex mother-in-law if the case leave the snare on!!

cocojoe 2894 days ago

Some campsites in parks put these traps around as an alternative to fences. illegal & very sad. But Hippos r dangerous. I wonder if this trip included Murchison Falls?

poeticallyblind 2923 days ago

Imagine being killed because your teeth contain "second class" value...does that make you "second class" dead...oh, there are many ways in which I could use that phrase to describe nasty happening for poachers who are caught and punished, but instead I'll

katebevan 2923 days ago

that's a tragic picture. Stephen, have you read Blood River/ highly recommended if not

ianaries 2923 days ago

Another truly sad aspect of this whole thing is what the poacher gets paid to kill any of these animals, whether it be hippos, elephants or rhino. I think I read somewhere that they get about $10 per kill. That's £6.50 (or there about) for the life of an

taluta 2923 days ago

Blast! Link doesn't work, here is original URL for hippo story

taluta 2923 days ago

As a child, born & raised in East London South Africa, we were told this, a true story of a wandering hippo. Link if interested

dynamization 2923 days ago

What an absolutely amazing picture. I've always wondered about hippos. They are so dangerous and yet seem so harmless.

peachyjoie 2923 days ago

Simply heartbreaking. Also that medicinal qualities are attributed to rhino horn (essentially keratin) is doubly so.

stephenfry 2923 days ago

Hippo ivory is from their teeth - it's considered "second class ivory" compared to elephant's, but still valuable enough, sadly. Rhinos are poached for their horns, which are made of hair.

Jikan 2924 days ago

I see you've all been spying on me bathing again! Uhhh privacy guys! :P

ciarancurran76 2924 days ago

Fantastic picture - poor hippo! If only these animals understood borders eh?

dreamingshadow 2924 days ago

How beautiful and serene! Love this pic, Mr Fry. xxx

Fryphile 2924 days ago

I heart hippos. They seem sweet and tranquil despite their size and strength. *tickles their ears*

As Mitch Hedberg said, "Is a hippopotamus just a really cool opotamus?"

garethlittle 2924 days ago

I always imagine hippo's in pink tutu's damn you Walt Disney :)

MelanieSchicker 2924 days ago

Poor hippo.

flipperville 2924 days ago

*sigh* I've always loved Hippos.

j9rodgers 2924 days ago

damn the buyers --- I hope they got it off, they look so sweet and harmless

loris_sl 2924 days ago

damn poachers, how can they do that I don't understand - buyers are to blame