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Elephants this side of DRC border safe, other side vulnerable to machine gunning poachers. Turns the stomach, no?

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3072 days ago

Elephants this side of DRC border safe, other side vulnerable to machine gunning poachers. Turns the stomach, no?


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valeriebutt 2897 days ago

That fact genuinely does make me sick. Poor things.

sillybethlynne 2944 days ago

it is sickening! but I can't help but saying "there's an elephant in the room"

Baybar 2948 days ago

Lovely , I bagged 2 of them in Tanzania , Poachers that is , see my pics . But lets not forget its the wealthy that deal in this dispicable trade .

hebo69 2967 days ago

This is a beautiful picture thankyou for sharing it with us x Just an annoyance that we cant still the guns.

BertaWooster 3071 days ago

If only we were able to tell them that there's great danger on the other side of the border :( I love elephants, beautiful picture.

galadrial 3072 days ago

Great photos - I have been looking forward to seeing them.

lucashutson 3072 days ago

Beautiful and majestic thanks so much for sharing

barbles42 3072 days ago

They are so fantastic... I'm close to being speechless.

Selma11 3072 days ago

A Victorian visitor would be thinking how nice these would look on the wall... how distressing that monstrosities don't stop, just shift.

Hevbops 3072 days ago

You are certainly seeing some amazing animals :)

Soupy_Twist 3072 days ago

beautiful and sad. Elephants are said to be the strongest creatures on earth - given their strength they could rule the world, yet they don't make use of it. Being the strongest and nothing docile and peacable - there is a great wisdom in it.

WizenedSage 3072 days ago

We shouldn't forget that a lot of the blame for this shocking trade lies with the buyers of ivory. Do you think if they knew what was involved they would think twice? No, me neither.

HollieKay 3072 days ago

Absolutely amazing.

dreamingshadow 3072 days ago

Simply amazing, yet with such unbelievable beauty there lives such unbelievable brutality. To think the lives of such majestic animals are so fragile in places like that, it boggles the

Fryphile 3072 days ago

It'd be cool if the elephants could shoot missles out of their tusks at the poachers.

Lucy_7 3072 days ago

Wonderful, wonderful pictures - I'm really enjoying them! Re: shooting animals w/machine guns - the Republican nominee for VP shoots wolves from a helicopter in her state of Alaska. GRRRRRRR!

SamitSarkar 3072 days ago

Seeing them walk freely just warms my heart.

MelanieSchicker 3072 days ago

What a great picture! I know why I dislike zoos... Thank you so much for sharing your pitures. Keep on the good work ^^

eddplant 3072 days ago

I freaking love elephants. They're so majestic xD

CarrieUff 3072 days ago

A few years ago, the wild mustangs herds in Nevada were being shot by people in helicopters and left injured or dead. Very sad and very scary that there are people out there who lack caring for creatures we should be protecting.