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1809 days ago


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Systica 1756 days ago

It looks like a smile under a moustache, great shot!

bishybarneybee 1758 days ago

swallowtail..yeah my dad used to breed similar and let them loose on norfolk broads, i rememeber seeing loads of them when I was younger - caterpillar to chrysalis to beauty

candyfl0sscloud 1759 days ago

wow beautiful! simply beautiful

LouiseTiniswood 1759 days ago

EEEEEEKKKKK! I have a huge moth and butterfly phobia. Take it away, take it away PLEASE....

ssanya 1759 days ago


4_LifePath 1760 days ago

Stunningly gorgeous

annthracks 1763 days ago

So last season?? It's so 70's it must be coming back!! JPS racing colours, some people know nothing ;-)

pinktank1 1783 days ago

Butterfly is the International symbol for Intersexed & Transgendered

HappyThoughtz1 1807 days ago

oh. my. gawd! is she for real? girlfriend, your ass looks so big in this, it's sooooo NOT oh kay, okay?

odroichid 1808 days ago

The colours of the victorious Kilkenny hurling team. 7 / 10 All Ireland titles, 4 in a row and now they have a butterfly. Sweet!

JadenTu 1808 days ago


JadenTu 1808 days ago

wanted to write about Joker and so on, but *fletch49er* was smarter :\

hugebeats 1808 days ago


hugebeats 1808 days ago

What type is it ??? Black swallowtail

BajpaiK 1808 days ago

black hawk down!

nephtine 1808 days ago

latest satellite pic of Batman circumnavigating the moon?

Roselady64 1808 days ago

just beautiful, thank you for sharing dear Mr Fry, cheered a bad day, much love xx

Darkened_Sol 1808 days ago

Ooer! That looks pretty cool.

sarahmorgan1093 1808 days ago

Oh! diamante's..?!!!!!

TwitNitty 1808 days ago

Just another overdose?