Bad Journalism


Reading the Daily Mail so you don't have to

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2674 days ago


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emmetsprogress 2673 days ago

I really want to read this now!

solarpilchard 2674 days ago

Blimey! Is Lucille really out of BBA3?

JungleCommando 2674 days ago

What is the newspaper called?

TAZ31263 2674 days ago

Oh Wow... it sure is

SideCinema 2674 days ago

I remember living in Uganda and reading this exact paper! It was so good, in fact, that I brought three copies home. My favourite headline was 'Man has dong cut off after splitting wife's Kandahar'

willmarch 2674 days ago

The New York times Gangsta supplement really is quite amusing.

scaryduck 2674 days ago

It's a real story from Uganda last year:

BuddhistCoach 2674 days ago

My favourite mainstream tabloid front page has always been "Maniac Shoots Wrong Baby", but this is in a different league

RedCatCaz 2674 days ago

Is this for real?