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Wonder what they want!

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2663 days ago

Wonder what they want!


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Exoriflower 2634 days ago

Is that snippy lookin straight at us? Another great pic Shannon.

IHeartxGabeT 2654 days ago

aww i love them!!

sodAdicta 2655 days ago

This picture is too sweet!

Wicked_Cateyes 2659 days ago

awwwwww they want mama's food...

lucianabs 2662 days ago

How cute!

rockincanegirl 2662 days ago


SynysterKate16 2662 days ago

they want treats. i can tell.

SONOFSIMMONS 2663 days ago

fed and a walk

Troll_Chat 2663 days ago

Doggie version of "Trick or Treat". I see that look daily :o)

ucansavedogs 2663 days ago

Sorry, posting pooches to the web site.

ucansavedogs 2663 days ago

Shannon, are thos rescues? I have been spending the last hours posting pooch and trimming photos...the faces especially the expectant trusting face, can't get enough.

hldulebohn 2663 days ago

awwwwww when mine look at me like that it usually means outside or i have food in my hand LMAO

countrybroker23 2663 days ago

Wiggle waggles :)

jody164 2663 days ago

those are good puppy dogs

sadlovelyheart 2663 days ago

OH,my 9 kittys would have so much fun playing chase with your cool woof doggies....

silvercitypink 2663 days ago

ahhaha, how sweet! You have 3 now? Ohh, the Dalmatian!!! I had a black spotted (Merlin) and a liver (brown) spotted Dalmatian (Aurora), both lived to be 15 years old... my daughter and I miss them soooo much!! Merlin passed on Jan.2007, Aurora passed on O

EllieMcG 2663 days ago

Love? So delicious and cute they all are. Makes me want to give in to my daughter's non-stop requests for a doggie. BTW, is the littlest one a porkie, aka. pomeranian/yorkie?

Psycho_Thrills 2663 days ago

Oh you totally have food! Haha

kglaize 2663 days ago

Their daddy to come home. LOL

ucansavedogs 2663 days ago

So cute!