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This is a full grown adult ... perfect in every detail, swivelling eyes, colour change, everything.

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2271 days ago

This is a full grown adult ... perfect in every detail, swivelling eyes, colour change, everything.


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MadSciKat 2266 days ago

It's — what, an inch and a half long? Unbefrackinlievable.

matchtrick 2269 days ago

It's amazing how far evolutionary pressures can drive down size in almost perfect scale. Wonderful.

DrGrobby 2270 days ago

What a fascinating sight! Proof of the wonders of evolution, if you ask me.

nixietangco 2270 days ago

Wow! Nature is absolutely amazing! It seems so cute and helpless. I almost want one for a pet.

smitzee 2270 days ago

Amazing! Thank you for all the pictures.

threebee 2270 days ago

I'm so glad that I can still be astounded by the wonders of evolution. Simply amazing!

KellyJS 2270 days ago

Simply stunning

AHisme 2270 days ago

That looks perfect for your hand. Can you always carry one around?

greenviolet 2270 days ago

Such a wee teeny thing!!!! What a treat to hold. Thanks, Stephen, for the pix!

jamjam23 2270 days ago

my what big hands you have got.

bigchrisystyle 2270 days ago

see things like make you realize how wonder nature is

trehvi 2270 days ago

If I'm right, then this is the reason why David Attenborough returned to Madagascar after decades.. they couldn't find it the first time :D

tamarahigham 2271 days ago

Cute! I want one! That would be silly though, I'm not good with animals...

ATG 2271 days ago

Beautiful. S/he seems so delightfully friendly. Excellent photo. Still fascinated by your lovely arm hair. :-)

Spacefrog29 2271 days ago

Wow that's Stephen Fry's arm

tourmaline1973 2271 days ago

Small but perfectly formed! Amazing.

UrmiRaj14 2271 days ago

that is soo coool! It can keep Tom Thumb company

stephenfry 2271 days ago

Your wish, my command, posted another picture where he's gone greenish ...

amesville 2271 days ago

Ohhh, so tiny and adorable!