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Pretty good disguise, eh?

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1989 days ago

Pretty good disguise, eh?


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ONELOVE5 1848 days ago


emiliaf 1879 days ago

Great photograph! How big was it roughly? Did you take it on a compact digital camera or what?

Claptomaan 1983 days ago

Ieh... toads freak me out.

ajaycockerill 1984 days ago

Midwife toad, no? Great shot. Jammy git :-p I spent ages at Durrell trying to spot them but they just weren't playing fair :-(

Gemlou5 1985 days ago

What amazing creatures we in this world. That picture is bloomin brilliant! .. Well Spotted Stephen! =]

sallywestern 1988 days ago

That's exactly what I do when my mother visits!

chillfinn 1988 days ago

Well spotted!

canisrufus 1989 days ago

Any idea on the genus/species? I'm not so good at amphibs, so I'd hate to hazzard a guess...

dreamingshadow 1989 days ago

Wow! Amazing. I wish I could do that.

AHisme 1989 days ago

That is a bit creepy. But special and interesting nonetheless!

_jondean 1989 days ago

Yeah, that tree's blended in beautifully with the frog in front of it. Almost missed it.

fryfan20 1989 days ago

yeah had to look twice to see it :)

anami83 1989 days ago

picture perfect disguise

flipperville 1989 days ago

I love this picture!

daisyj 1989 days ago

Frog? What frog?

stormkitten 1989 days ago

I've got to second the question asked before me: How did you know it was there to take a picture of? LOL

jamesblundell 1989 days ago

lovely shot - what camera do you use?

bpende 1989 days ago

Nice camo with the frog... A nice capture, giving us a sense of the camo in context. Nice.

prisca_eyedea 1989 days ago

amazing... :)

WillJim 1989 days ago

That's amazingly awesome!