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Wonky, but friendly

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2997 days ago

Wonky, but friendly


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AHisme 2997 days ago

There's something charming about these old signs. Especially when you see them from mile and miles away. :)

triedunture 2997 days ago

I love that the hotel's phone number is 27. Bliss.

fryfan20 2997 days ago

see that there are enough aye joke's made,will not make another one. it is friendly :)

flipperville 2997 days ago

as long as there are no Anthony Perkins lookalikes it'll be fine :)

Fryphile 2997 days ago

All in favor of staying here, say Aye!

culfinglin 2997 days ago

Dude, they don't *serve* Aye-aye at that restaurant, do they? Or is the sign just very badly laid out?

loris_sl 2997 days ago

keep an eye on the aye aye -- tonga soa!

DesmoidSurvivor 2997 days ago

You got 2 go 2 Madagascar & c wildlife. I got 2 go 2 Florida 2 see if my cancer is still gone. Its a bit late but I'll trade ya

Sithiche 2997 days ago

Stephen, been sharing all your photos with my mum and kids, and we all think you're just amazing for keep up to date! Adore the pictures :)

sean808080 2997 days ago

thanks for taking us along on your exotic trips. it sure beats the cubicles some of us are staring at!