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The father. Males have white fur around the face. Worry, I expect.

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3096 days ago

The father. Males have white fur around the face. Worry, I expect.


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tripartite 3001 days ago

Stress I suspect. ;)

humiliatdgrape 3092 days ago

Did he actually eat that banana whole? It looks like the skin is still on it. Very cute animal, though. I envy you greatly, Stephen.

ahiskens 3095 days ago

Quirw a deal of intelligence shining out of those eyes (or, to be pedantic, that eye...)

yeahyeahyeah909 3096 days ago

Hey! Looks like my father! =)
Great photos! It's nice to know there's more out in the world than study and 3 hour exams...

EssGee_x 3096 days ago

So cute. And fluffy.

dreamingshadow 3096 days ago

He looks so furry that he seems like a good thing to snuggle up to - but he doesn't seem to be in a snuggling mood. Great pics x

AHisme 3096 days ago

I'm sorry to say, but it doesn't look he really likes the banana :P

Kelsey_Burd 3096 days ago

cute :D

fryfan20 3096 days ago

don't talk with your moth full ! he's otherwise cute :)

captainrobs 3096 days ago

How ace!

Hyperkinetic 3096 days ago

Too cute!! I love all of your photos, it's like another world, so beautiful.

Fryphile 3096 days ago

Awwww, you fed him? That kinda makes up for not feeding the chimps, right?

stormkitten 3096 days ago

OM NOM NOM. That is too adorable!!

bpende 3096 days ago

I agree with the "worry" statement. I often remind my kids I wasn't grey before they got here. My nose is growing into something like that, too...

UrmiRaj14 3096 days ago

i am such an idiot. i thought his tongue was yellow naturally.

Zigg_Zagg 3096 days ago

Why do they have to be so adorible?!?!

stephenfry 3096 days ago

Yup, he's eating a banana. I cannot tell a lie. I gave him that banana....

loris_sl 3096 days ago

he has a yellow tongue? no...wait...what is that? a fruit? looks ready to jump.

DesmoidSurvivor 3096 days ago manners. Do not talk with your mouth open! :D

rachael_ 3096 days ago

He's adorable! Is he eating a banana?