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Mother and child. Lemurs are rare amongst mammals in having matriarchal societies.

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3096 days ago

Mother and child. Lemurs are rare amongst mammals in having matriarchal societies.


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ajaycockerill 3091 days ago

Rare in having the right idea you mean? lol You need to see sunbathing lemurs!! Second only to "running" lemurs..
*Thanks Mr Stephen heaps for sharing :-)*

barbles42 3096 days ago

I'm so happy you're in Madagascar! I've wanted to go since I was three. That's what happens when you're brought up on nature shows...

stormygriff 3096 days ago

can you imagine getting this close to lemurs in this country without a health and safety issue.....

dreamingshadow 3096 days ago

I like the sound of that! :O. They don't seem real almost, more like teddy bears than actual animals. She has beautiful eyes. x

AHisme 3096 days ago

Would they bite me if I try to hug them?

fryfan20 3096 days ago

so sweet :)

Fryphile 3096 days ago

I love when the babies crawl all over the parents. Can't refute the cute! What's that on her tail though? Looks lizardy.

sisterphonetica 3096 days ago

Oh, I love them. The eyes, the ayes!

SirRoid 3096 days ago


stormkitten 3096 days ago

I don't know how often any of us can say this, but you are so kind to share all of this with the rest of us :3 Living vicariously FTW!

jamesblundell 3096 days ago

fantastic - can't wait to see the series - in the meantime - your posts are just as fascinating!

Cricket_Voyeur 3096 days ago

That is an amazing photograph. They are an incredibly interesting group of mammals.

Zigg_Zagg 3096 days ago

Shes beautiful.. so regal and wise.

amesville 3096 days ago

oooh, look at the orange eyes on mama! It looks like the baby's eyes are a different color?

tourmaline1973 3096 days ago

So beautiful! Paws are sweet but look fearsome too.

ATG 3096 days ago

Too much cuteness! Beauty and inexplicable wisdom as well. Loving your trip documentation through words and images. *mwah* ((hug))

gjhsu 3096 days ago

Wow, it's crazy that they get up so close.

loris_sl 3096 days ago

Holy Graal, how cutie they are! :) wonderful eyes.

DesmoidSurvivor 3096 days ago

Beyond cute in every way. Thank you for documenting the trip in photos.

shambolicasfuck 3096 days ago

wow.. those eyes. great!