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OK, not the best photo in the world, but I only had a compact: aye-ayes are nocturnal and live high up x

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2146 days ago

OK, not the best photo in the world, but I only had a compact: aye-ayes are nocturnal and live high up x


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kellyjago 1778 days ago

Aye aye's also enjoy wearing trapper hats, here's Alfie sporting his new one: the rest of my Alfie illustrations can be found here:

kellyjago 1778 days ago

They also like to wear trapper's Alfie my aye day to be a children's book! the other illustrations can be found on my site:

ajaycockerill 2141 days ago

That must be one hell of a leaf as they're not that small!
Are the local people more educated now? As opposed to the old "omen of death, kill-them-on-sight" theory..

zfiledh 2141 days ago

I heard they were bad luck. Did anyone tell you that or was it just the TV show making things up?

Anu2008 2142 days ago

Lovely and scary at the same time.

sealettuce 2145 days ago

Great photo. The aye-aye is now my favourite animal. If I had a sports team its nickname would be the aye-aye's. I can't quite figure out which sport though...Perhaps something which is mainly played in the dark.

canisrufus 2145 days ago

Hooray for the long-awaited aye-aye picture. I like the leaf background, and considering the conditions/equip, that's a decent pic!

SarahJN 2145 days ago

Awww, I saw one of these in the London Zoo, but it must be brilliant to see them in real life. Marvellous.

x__Jasper 2145 days ago

Winner of the all-time Cute!Creepy award.

discodoris 2145 days ago

Not the best photo of an aye-aye maybe, but I rather love the graphic simplicity of the way this pic turned out

AHisme 2145 days ago

Ah. I knew they must have orange eyes for a reason!

WitterWit 2145 days ago

Aye-Aye, eye-eye, burning bright in the forests of the night. ...Is it really as little as it looks or is that leaf ENORMOUS?

fryfan20 2146 days ago

look, even his eyes light up when he sees you x

flipperville 2146 days ago

any yorkshire cousins the eh-yups? Lovely creature.

Fryphile 2146 days ago

Prepare for glompings!

Fubby 2146 days ago

An aye aye with eye eyes. XXX

tamarahigham 2146 days ago

Thats so beautiful.

nethergreen 2146 days ago

I just love aye ayes. Thanks for sharing the photo

Zigg_Zagg 2146 days ago

these guys are freakishly cute, in the so ugly its cute kind of way. Sort of like a pug

UrmiRaj14 2146 days ago

night vision au naturale (spelling sorry)