Self portrait on my iPhone using stuff I'm learning from Vermeer project.

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2575 days ago

Self portrait on my iPhone using stuff I'm learning from Vermeer project.


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cathartesaura 2559 days ago

I can't even do this well with a damn graphics pad.

EEFWW 2569 days ago

Doesn't LOOK like Vermeer. Doesn't look like you either. I think it'll take more practice....

PSYCHDLICTRIP 2570 days ago

i wish i could do that with my blackberry

alanrickman 2574 days ago

The secret life of - Danny Kaye! :)

flamingoland 2574 days ago

hmmm michael myers!

Chris_Gomersall 2574 days ago

What a minute- Did you draw that with your finger or your schlong? ;-) Either way, nice work, Harpo!

clauclauclaudia 2574 days ago

You and David Hockney. Very nice.

mustelidmama 2574 days ago

Hey, that's really good! I'd hate to see what *my* attempt would look like!

ricoSacto 2575 days ago

this looks exactly like mr teller? WTF Howdy Dodat? LOL

Shadowglove 2575 days ago

Sell it on Ebay!

TaysLadybug 2575 days ago

Nice pic MrTeller god job

TalkinToU 2575 days ago

I can't see your eyes, you need to twinkle more :)

coachofspin 2575 days ago

I think you should have a self-portrait of you talking. How ironic. ;)

gunjinn 2575 days ago

You need to smile more :)

Xavienne 2575 days ago

I like it!

shoe_askew 2575 days ago

Doesn't that thing have a camera?

angrygn0me 2575 days ago

nice! but where's your other eyebrow?

smithwill 2575 days ago

You are obviously very bright!

Brigitte121 2575 days ago

That looks quite good, first try? If so, impressive.

timcampbel 2575 days ago

You are getting better looking as you age. ;-P