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So feline. But not a true cat ... a member of the viverridae order which include civet "cats" ... x

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2143 days ago

So feline. But not a true cat ... a member of the viverridae order which include civet "cats" ... x


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supermyers 2143 days ago

That's a beaut!

DesmoidSurvivor 2143 days ago

Ears of a house cat and tail of a kangaroo rat...madagascar has such amazing wildlife.

Cricket_Voyeur 2143 days ago

Actually, I think they are now thought to be a part of Eupleridae (new molecular data) - a family endemic to Madagascar. So cooler still, I think.

MrsFirestarter 2143 days ago

What a beautiful animal! How wonderful!

Kelsey_Burd 2143 days ago

so cute!

flipperville 2143 days ago

that tail is amazing, does it use it for balance?

UrmiRaj14 2143 days ago

that tail looks like a furry whip!

ordoncowboy 2143 days ago

It's muzzle look kind of like a weasel, oh and itis the Asian Palm Civet who people use for manufacturing coffee, at least accoridng to wikipedia

Renfield286 2143 days ago

aren't Civets the ones who eat berries, then people sift through the excrement to get the partially digested seeds to make coffee? or is that these guys?

hermaladroitnes 2143 days ago

So feline indeed..

vonhanlon 2143 days ago

pretty...and such a nice colour....

j9rodgers 2143 days ago

sort of a fox like cat-love the tail

loris_sl 2143 days ago

it has very feline features and look at that tail! beautiful animal.

sniffyjenkins 2143 days ago

Utterly lovely x

wigoh 2143 days ago

Wow, that really is quite cat-like.