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They go up trees headfirst (naturally) but also down headfirst ... x

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2181 days ago

They go up trees headfirst (naturally) but also down headfirst ... x


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TinaSchelle 2011 days ago

Aw! A Fussa! Aren't they just the most amazing little cats? Nature never ceases to amaze me.

geoconn 2085 days ago

wow stunning.

saskiatijger 2113 days ago

its a cat right? I think it looks most like a cat, only the front paws are not the cat really cant grab things that way lol

x__Jasper 2180 days ago

Oh I love these things <3 First time I saw them was at Newquay Zoo and they just lay around sleepng.

fribble 2181 days ago

Wait, is that a jennet (Sp?)? I know there are not-cats that can reverse their knees and climb headfirst down walls...

DesmoidSurvivor 2181 days ago

Gosh quite the large eyes...and its paws look very unique.

Kelsey_Burd 2181 days ago

precious! I should love to cuddle one!

weareglitter 2181 days ago

what a strangely beautiful creature!

greenviolet 2181 days ago

These are fascinating -- a 'not quite' amalgam of features I'm familiar with on other animals. Wow.

nickcernis 2181 days ago

Can't help feeling that this one should have wings and be cast in stone.

Eddykins 2181 days ago

It looks very cheecky.

loris_sl 2181 days ago

it's looks like it's ready to jump away - very athletic one really.

Fryphile 2181 days ago


vonhanlon 2181 days ago

eep...that one looks really creepy...

The13thGypsy 2181 days ago

Oh, glorious little creature! <3!