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2174 days ago


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valeriebutt 2016 days ago

ha ha! Reminds me of the people who live downstairs. Most unpleasant!

ellenkerry 2067 days ago

Sounds like Upper Street in Islington on a Saturday night.

helskibelski 2086 days ago


DesmoidSurvivor 2173 days ago

Best description of any shagging sounds ever. At least something enjoyed its night.

weaselbacon 2174 days ago

Of course, it wasn't the actual shagging sounds so much as the Barry White songs they were playing to get into the mood, right?

Mxdp 2174 days ago

I just read they can mate for 2 1/2 hours. Wow. Wait-that is a fossa, isn't it? Looks quite different from up there... :/

CarrieUff 2174 days ago

You've got to admire their stamina, though.

keithwalmsley 2174 days ago

how did you identify that the carnal ringings came from him and his "missus" and not some other Madagascan beasty?

amesville 2174 days ago

Now my upstairs neighbors don't seem so bad. . .

mandle 2174 days ago

damn scary beasts yikes!

rhysjones00 2174 days ago

probably went off to find his lady friend and then situate themselves near to where you were sleeping.

spyderkl 2174 days ago

At least you didn't have to wonder if they'd break a wall. That pic looks far scarier than a mtn lion.

BoffleSpoffle 2174 days ago

Great name for a band: Mass Slaughter of Warthogs. Sorry they kept you up while they made salad. Earplugs?

poohugh 2174 days ago

Wikipedia says they're feline, i see no feline qualities! Vulpine perhaps, and pteropine cf: Great snaps.

sniffyjenkins 2174 days ago

Ah the youth of today...

malcolmparsons 2174 days ago

I was once kept awake by hedgehogs shagging on the patio.

flipperville 2174 days ago

I'm not surprised he has to keep at it with tomotoes like that!

ahoova 2174 days ago

looks like the scary animal in the Princess Bride.. i thought that large looking animal was fake.. apparently its not fake and it wants to reproduce. hmmm

gjhsu 2174 days ago

Hahahahaha, possibly as bad as being kept awake by neighbors... I shall expand no further.

chippers87 2174 days ago

Isn't that how it always is? My friend has that problem with her roommate. The little bastards...