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Crazy tree. They say the animals were each given a tree to plant. The hyena got the baobab and planted it upside down...

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2752 days ago

Crazy tree. They say the animals were each given a tree to plant. The hyena got the baobab and planted it upside down...


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Lodizhka 2464 days ago

wow, they're so beautiful!

MyPetGloat 2749 days ago

This is one tree an elephant wouldn't be able to mess with.

patkelleher 2750 days ago

My other half recently did the same with several crowns of rhubarb. Results weren't quite as spectacular though.

lilythepeanut 2750 days ago

!! My friend and I have been drawing baobab trees all wrong!

iTibbi 2751 days ago

They look like the trees I first drew ✎ as a child. Wow, they really existed! ❃

zfiledh 2751 days ago

I just love those explanatory genesis stories. :) Even then, the hyena = crazy.

yeahyeahyeah909 2751 days ago

haha crazy hyenas. Some kind of adaptation I suspect? Argh all of this Biology study is doing my head in...

dreamingshadow 2751 days ago

Wow. That is quite remarkable! I continue to be delighted and amazed my nature and your photos xx

MrsFirestarter 2751 days ago

Wasn't the baobab also known as the 'Tree of Life' because the leaves, seeds and fruit are all edible and can be used to make thickener, vegetable oil, etc

vivschwarz 2751 days ago

They DO look as if they were standing on their heads waggling their roots in the air, hooray!

DesmoidSurvivor 2752 days ago

What an excellent bit of mythology. Crafty hyena..would surely help him be remembered above the others.

Jikan 2752 days ago

those are fantastic :)

kathmuse 2752 days ago

I love baobab trees! For some reason they always remind me of broccoli.

CJTarbett 2752 days ago

Love these. Apparently some of these have been around longer than pretty much anything on earth. These are holy, revered trees with special significance to native habitants.

talon2claw 2752 days ago

If I was a tree, this is the kind I would be.

Anu2008 2752 days ago

Very interesting trees!

takhys 2752 days ago

I could never decide if they were confused carrots or Lovecraftian dholes. ( )

michael_elliott 2752 days ago

michael_elliott is it always the hyenas, the coyotes, etc who do all the beautiful & crazy mistakes, huh? oh and ravens. what animal would you be? lol

Tanzbar 2752 days ago

how amazingly beautiful. And I agree, I think the Hyenas are still laughing

MBAGeekDotCom 2752 days ago

I think those trees look really cool. They almost don't look real in the photo though!