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Their trunks are like water bottles: the camels of the forest. x

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3056 days ago

Their trunks are like water bottles: the camels of the forest. x


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lettybird 2969 days ago

Do you know the story of how they angered god? He picked them up, turned them over and stuffed them back in the ground. Hence their peculiar looks.

MyPetGloat 3053 days ago

It's like a large strong arm reaching out of the ground.

ajaycockerill 3055 days ago

Impressive. Though I still want to say that camels don't store water in their humps :-p

DesmoidSurvivor 3055 days ago

fascinating how the bark is soo smooth looking.

SarahJN 3055 days ago

I was thinking the exact same thought as pendragon007 - they really do look like Dr. Seuss trees. And I adore the 'camels of the forest' idea, how brilliant.

gerbenvanetten 3055 days ago

This is just fantastic. The bark looks like tough skin instead of wood... beautiful.

peteb_uk 3055 days ago

...and apologies to , to had exactly the same "pink floyd" thought, but ages ago. Note to self: Read ALL the comments before replying!

peteb_uk 3056 days ago

That's just asking to be a pink floyd album cover.

ATG 3056 days ago

They're so fat! I love it!

fascinationst 3056 days ago

Beauty. Full. Like arms / hands reaching for the sky

shambolicasfuck 3056 days ago

Wow.. those look almost surreal. Must've been such an impressive sight..

Sithiche 3056 days ago

Not only an awesome tree but a fun word to say: Baobab! :D

timbrauhn 3056 days ago

I agree with fryfan20 - this looks like something from Pixar.

Naina 3056 days ago

Beautiful. Super beautiful. Goose-fleshy beautiful. Standing tall like proud leviathans.

robinio 3056 days ago

Can you get a photo of a young tree? Are they the same shape?

ordoncowboy 3056 days ago

Baobabs!! Amazing trees, utterly resilient in a harsh enviornment

Kelsey_Burd 3056 days ago

looks like a Dr. Seuss tree...from like, The Lorax or something. wowie.

fryfan20 3056 days ago

they don't look real to me

LittleBigLand 3056 days ago

They look like creations from LittleBigPlanet :)