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Interior given over to water storage, so no rings to count for ageing. Radio carbon dating says these are between 800 & 1000 years old x

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2151 days ago

Interior given over to water storage, so no rings to count for ageing. Radio carbon dating says these are between 800 & 1000 years old x


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Mudhooks 1981 days ago

Like some sort of alien celery stalks....

candlewaxx 2044 days ago

I love upside down trees - great pic!

montagfire 2072 days ago

My son said they were like upside carrots!

scareykatt 2148 days ago

lovely pic. i will stalk u on twitter! LOL

christinerose 2149 days ago

you are an amazing man. I've always enjoyed your performances, but all this *save the wildlife* stuff takes my respect to an entirely new level!

PeggyTryton 2150 days ago

These trees are amazing. Nice composition... the people give a sense of perspective. Such a lovely blue sky, too!

j9rodgers 2150 days ago

Amazing trees, they seem unnatural, almost like the cell phone towers disguised as trees. More amazing it is off an iPhone.

SarahJN 2151 days ago

Good Lord! Marvellous.

peteb_uk 2151 days ago

I too am impressed these were taken with the iPhone's camera, I'd always considered it to be one of the few areas where the iPhone was wasn't as gorgeous as it might be. I'm sure you're right that light is the key factor.

carmillia 2151 days ago

Wow those trees are amazing!!

tamarahigham 2151 days ago

They are amazing. I want some dotted around the Manchester Moors. That would make me a happy bunny.

melraemorgan 2151 days ago

erm...feel connected to the earth. Continued from previous comment.

melraemorgan 2151 days ago

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It sparks a part of me that has lain dormant for far too long... It reminds me of the joy of discovery and that it is still possible to feel .

dreamingshadow 2151 days ago

I mean that just can't be real! It looks so alien. My mind is opening all the time. xx

Poppy5 2151 days ago

Wow, those really are quite peculiar looking trees. Great pictures!

peteb_uk 2151 days ago

They laugh in the face of dendrochronology.

kbt172 2151 days ago

Wow, makes me wonder how big the diameter is, it looks to be several meters at least. Simply fascinating!

Anglophile 2151 days ago

What a spectacular tree! A true wonder of nature.

mariapage 2151 days ago

Amazing pic! Looks like a surreal painting! Thanks for sharing it :)

Kelsey_Burd 2151 days ago

I had no idea that dendochronolgy wouldn't work on all types of trees. Shall have to take this up with my archaeology prof to find out more!