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Scaled down from other lemurs to perfection. Same eyes, opposable thumbs ... everything perfect x

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2272 days ago

Scaled down from other lemurs to perfection. Same eyes, opposable thumbs ... everything perfect x


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paddyanne 2162 days ago

these are adorable, do they bite?

catyaX 2177 days ago


georgialena 2180 days ago

AAwh!! o.O

melraemorgan 2270 days ago

oh well I guess my verbosity is verboten... I suppose "thank you" will do

melraemorgan 2270 days ago

... you know Mr. Fry you are so generous and thoughtful to share your experiences with us. I am so appreciative of the effort you make to include us. The things you show us are truly amazing but your gift of sharing is rare.In a world increasingly imperso

woodenelf 2271 days ago

This is better. :) Perfect indeed. x

MadSciKat 2271 days ago

Awwwwwwwww...... so adorable!

Seraphina85 2271 days ago

What a cute little thing. Poor thing gets the equivalent of a cop shining flashlight in your eyes. Surely blinded it haha.

themakelounge 2271 days ago


Soph_Ichigo 2272 days ago

Ohh what a sweetie, simply adorable.

kimyoofilms 2272 days ago

What a great set of photos to wake up to! Thank you!

PeggyTryton 2272 days ago

What big eyes he has...

lovelornpoet 2272 days ago

*squeal* it looks so adorable!

amesville 2272 days ago


JayneHowarth 2272 days ago

he looks frightened to death - poor little chap!

Mxdp 2272 days ago

Oh dear. Can't believe we're somehow, very distantly, related to these furry little creatures. Love their tails!

Soupy_Twist 2272 days ago

Amazing! We primates come in a lot of different sizes and shapes, don't we? :)

daisyj 2272 days ago

I'm sure he's happy to be home, but I can't help thinking he looks concerned about the future.

cerealjoe 2272 days ago

Now that's one animal that is beyond adorable. Worth saving for sure.

jillbrowne 2272 days ago

Thank you so much for showing this! I can only hope this little guy has lots of relatives and a good outlook for the future.