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Here's one: they're all female. I had one on my hand - I thought I'd DIE. Scarier than paragliding....

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3021 days ago

Here's one: they're all female. I had one on my hand - I thought I'd DIE. Scarier than paragliding....


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fribble 3019 days ago

Oo, what a gorgeous lady she is! I love spiders, and I've always wanted to see a golden orb weaver! :D

melraemorgan 3020 days ago

Your willingness to go the extra mile for your fans is unmatched.. you are amazing! I have always wanted to hold a tarantula but I am too creeped out. Has to be said ... You Rock!!!

Goodship_a_k 3020 days ago

Im with you Stephen! That would creep me out!

swbuehler 3020 days ago

Looks kind of like a banana spider, which are typically harmless.

DesmoidSurvivor 3020 days ago

I'll take the spiders please.

tamarahigham 3020 days ago

Oh my days! How on earth did you manage to hold that! Im shaking just looking at the picture!

izzybolton37 3021 days ago

wow!!! i wouldn't argue with her!!!

dreamingshadow 3021 days ago

Oh good grief...sitting here is close enough. I hope it stayed still and didn't crawl around...that's the worst thing. xxx

MadSciKat 3021 days ago

How big is she?

Gemlou5 3021 days ago

Stephen you are so brave! Award i think!

octopireggie 3021 days ago

Are you normally afraid of spiders, or is it because of their size? They seem rather attractive + their venom wouldn't kill you, I assume it's painful, though. So better to avoid that xD

Jikan 3021 days ago

I'm scared of them, not as much as I used to be, read up on them and they are really interesting...but why do they have to look so bloomin creepy??

girlboymusic 3021 days ago

You're a brave man, Stephen. I want to cry just looking at it.

nicklewis 3021 days ago

She looks quite friendly to me...

michael_elliott 3021 days ago

oh, and i'm ok with tigers but not bees. wierd, huh? THANK YOU for all the pics. been some happy weeks :)

michael_elliott 3021 days ago

scared of that but ok w/lions? what else is scary to you? let's team up! you take on lions, i'll take on the 8legs and snakes.

hkmouse 3021 days ago

Absolutely beautiful...

Fryphile 3021 days ago

Many's the time that I wish I was able to be with you on these adventures. Except now. x

Jillus 3021 days ago

Oh god, there's a picture to look at when you just wake up...*shudder*

spyderkl 3021 days ago

I'm not scared of spiders myself, but that one would make me step back.