Stephen Fry


British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger - NEVER reads Direct Messages

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1985 days ago


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Mudhooks 1817 days ago


dinky2blue 1822 days ago

woohoo we're free!!!!

AshleyBazSivorn 1838 days ago

OMFG are my underpants suppose to be brown? I so hate spiders & yet I moved to Australia

jamiebanwen 1869 days ago

id quite blatently and publically shit my pants if i saw that..

cokill_5 1878 days ago

all my nightmarse brought to life!! You bad man!!

petipetra 1884 days ago

OMG WHY did you show us that?

geoconn 1891 days ago

Box of horrors!

kerrie_allen 1894 days ago

Why oh Why!!

Redwitch13 1894 days ago

No,now that's just gross

georgialena 1894 days ago

Oh holy, .. Why do they look triangley?

beverleigh31 1895 days ago

oh cool!

ashleighwells 1900 days ago

I find myself more arachnopohobicphobic... The irrational fear of arachnophobic people, getting so very tetchy about spiders, but are more than comfortable to "Awwww" at pictures of Lions and to "Ooohh" at pictures of Sharks, and yet "Eeeek" at this!? Dea

lettybird 1900 days ago

In my head they are ALL plastic and this is just a cruel joke.

ItsVicky101 1900 days ago

*runs away crying*
That is Scary.

criseyxoxo 1903 days ago

almost had an astma attack:D so scared of spiders:D

montagfire 1908 days ago

FFS...that is an evil picture stephen....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

brenjamin 1919 days ago

I just got the shivers!

violetk 1959 days ago

...and this is why I'll never ever go to Madagascar...

sugarkat 1962 days ago

Holy mother of God. I'm generally rather calm around spiders, but I am terrifically glad I was not where you were.

scribblegurl 1962 days ago

WHY? Why you gotta hate, Stephen Fry? This image will give me nightmares for weeks, yo!