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On my palm...

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1988 days ago

On my palm...


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Mudhooks 1820 days ago


DavidBUtley 1870 days ago

A spider in the hand (has it eaten the bird?) is much less painful than two in the bush.

billyboybeccles 1878 days ago

OMG i could SO not do that

Raikoh_911 1879 days ago

Ooh, no I could never do that, it would probably bite me, if I didn't have some kind of heart palpatation before that

Pussycat253 1882 days ago

Eugh!! i could never pick that up!

ellenkerry 1884 days ago

Actually genuinely scared just by looking at this. Impressive Senhor Fry.

rachypie76 1887 days ago

Ew! Ew! Ew! That's horrible... Tell me when it's gone so i can come out from behind the sofa! :D

georgialena 1898 days ago

ew ew

mindlesslou 1898 days ago

i salute you i would die!!

hebo69 1902 days ago

is that a fried egg on its back ?

ashleighwells 1903 days ago

Oh look, a spider and a mouse...

fearfeasog 1903 days ago

'Come into my parlour,' said the Spider to the Fry...

dlfowler 1903 days ago

omg!is that a beatle or a spider?have u seen camel spiders on you tube?something horrific about giant blonde spiders,that make noises,,

montagfire 1911 days ago

Oh dear god..not more...

violetk 1962 days ago

Your courage astounds me...then again, I doubt you have as severe a form of Arachnophobia as I do. Sigh...

RockCandyRags 1985 days ago

*squeeeebies* ack... lol

ashley_fereiro 1985 days ago

Urgh, I think I just Puked A little In My Throat.

lizabuddy 1986 days ago


verbal99 1986 days ago

that gives me the creeps, lol...

celestialteapot 1986 days ago

That's an awesome spider!