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LadyGirlPerson 2470 days ago

Golden Poo? the cat's been gnawing at the Christmas tree again....

SarahJoy007 2477 days ago

haha that is funny!

hedge81 2492 days ago


candyfl0sscloud 2516 days ago

somethings you just have to share with other ppl thank god for you Mr Fry xD

dalekcat 2516 days ago


ezgitekin 2517 days ago

Lol:) I liked the cinema name & award combination:P

shoepixie 2517 days ago


dannorth31 2530 days ago

i'm just going to pop onto throne now ( royalty and poo jokes love them boom boom)

bellaanahi 2539 days ago


bellaanahi 2539 days ago


suejan 2539 days ago

Very funny-apeals to my humour Congrats on who found it. I did a Sharon Osborn once Crap for somebody who speaks crap

EndWaterPoverty 2539 days ago

We went! It's an awards evening to celebrate people globally who have saved lives running water and sanitation projects. And the awards were in the shape of golden poos! AWESOME.

Tequesta89 2540 days ago

Ha, fantastic, this made my day :D toilet humour never gets old, and it certainly isn't childish *whistles innocently*

clurrpatterson 2540 days ago

its "prince charles cinema" that gets me laughing more than anything!

Dartec 2540 days ago

It takes all sorts.

julesyfrosty 2540 days ago

Does this equate to angel poo?

andrewwhitcombe 2540 days ago

Who knows what thats all about?

AxmxZ 2540 days ago

This is one of those remarkable pictures where every phrase captured enhances every other phrase a hundredfold.

mar411 2540 days ago

and... what about Global Gel Alcohol AbUse Day? Would the Awards be more expensive?

rezcom 2540 days ago

Poo Awards Task(s) List include: auditorium seating chart prep, presenter rehearsals and of course . . . cleaning the newly minted awards or as they call it, polishing the turd?