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2426 days ago


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DavidBUtley 2310 days ago

Is that a coca leaf it's munching? The eyes are a bit of a giveaway.

Pussycat253 2322 days ago

Aww What a cutie! x

morville 2352 days ago


humiliatdgrape 2425 days ago

zacbentz - Totoro really DOES exist!

jacquimcgirr 2425 days ago

Such a beautiful fella. And, a top shot too!. Wish I could get that kind of photo out of my iphone

DesmoidSurvivor 2426 days ago

Excellent. I simply adore lemurs. Love the reddish brown eyes.

lizabuddy 2426 days ago

yeah!!! this I cud handle not the I idea how you managed to hold that sider...lollll

MadSciKat 2426 days ago

Oops, sorry about the double hit. FF is acting up on me. I want one of these guys!

MadSciKat 2426 days ago

Squeeeeeee! =hed ASPLODE=

MadSciKat 2426 days ago

Squeeeeeee! =hed ASPLODE=

caithlin 2426 days ago


Digimist 2426 days ago

Well nice image

Anglophile 2426 days ago

These pictures just made my day. Thank you, Stephen. :)

yamainu 2426 days ago

Would love a poster of this.

juliacarmen 2426 days ago

This is the handsomest and most distinguished-looking lemur I've seen. The photo looks calendar-perfect, too.

hillarygayle 2426 days ago

I certainly needed that bit of cute for my morning. Thx!

Kelsey_Burd 2426 days ago

oh! so fuzzy and cuddly looking!!

MrsFirestarter 2426 days ago

Oh, what a beautiful animal!

yeahyeahyeah909 2426 days ago

So innocent! Almost too innocent perhaps? So beautiful though =)

Seraphina85 2426 days ago

[Andy] I want that one! [/Andy]