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1985 days ago


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Draconit 1807 days ago

omg! cute!

paddyanne 1878 days ago

gimmee gimmee gimmee, i want one

MikeyDalzell 1882 days ago

=O How adorable! I want one! HAHA! Stephen... Stephen! Steal me one! Just pop one into our case, and bring it back! =D

dd_ 1886 days ago

awww...very cute. just hope the pic doesn't end up on this site about cute animals
*warning may offend some viewers*

hebo69 1901 days ago


RockCandyRags 1984 days ago

ah yes, much better! lol... that little fur-face.... sooooo cute!

barbles42 1985 days ago

I had to call my dad in to see this. We are both enamored.

tay66 1985 days ago

I had an uncle that looked like that. On second thought he wasn't half as cute.

DesmoidSurvivor 1985 days ago

Eyes that can melt the hardest of hearts. *melts onto the floor*

Zigg_Zagg 1985 days ago

AAAAWWWWRRRRR. Hes so cute! that lil nose is just precious

juliacarmen 1985 days ago

Soulful? If Bertie Wooster was a lemur, this would be him in a Slingsby Soup ad. (i.e. he looks like a lemur noticing a bowlful of succulent food! Or something just as fascinating. :-)

Anglophile 1985 days ago

That is so sweet! Can I have one? Please, Uncle Stephen, please? :)

canisrufus 1985 days ago

One simply must love a lemur's eyes. Simply amazing, Stephen!

Soph_Ichigo 1985 days ago

It's a bundle of fluff ! x

Kelsey_Burd 1985 days ago

absolutely precious!

Gemlou5 1985 days ago

Look at them big beautiful eyes!

swisswitch 1985 days ago

Looks plenty cuddly

MALudwig 1985 days ago

That's one for National Geographic! :D

flipperville 1985 days ago

now that is just lovely! *hugs computer*

_Saysie_ 1985 days ago

Aw! Gorgeous! Look at those eyes!