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2941 days ago


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michael_elliott 2714 days ago

mr fry! mr fry! i met lemur @ PRIDE this wknd. was in a lady's truck. a baby black&white lemur named Rifiki :)

valeriebutt 2787 days ago

This is adorable. Was he cuddly?!

madasafishcake_ 2805 days ago

Awwwww very cute,xx

DavidBUtley 2825 days ago

It's straining to do a poo and you're telling it not to.

StevieGoodwin 2834 days ago

Stephen, i see you've qualified for the the Knowsley Safari Park OAP pass. LOL...Sorry :)

stephishere 2835 days ago

I dont think Ive ever been more jelous of anyone ever

TURTLEGIRL73 2837 days ago

That's fantastic photo

PottiJo 2838 days ago

The lemur looks mildly surprised.

Becca_101 2839 days ago

awww very sweet

catyaX 2849 days ago


tripartite 2854 days ago

Lemur: Holy crap! Did you see that?
Stephen: See what?

hebo69 2857 days ago

so your not into parrots then?

ManlyMoustache 2858 days ago

I think its fair to say you don't look as calm as Attenborough

ashleighwells 2858 days ago

Not quite sure who looks more uncomfortable. Those are, however the specs I want! Are they spectacles you've worn on QI?

dlfowler 2858 days ago

how lovely have i missed the show you made on this?i remember seeing a brief clip of you gushing over them&thought 'i must watch'??

weblizard 2859 days ago

so cute and cuddle-some - ditto for the beastie on his shoulder!

glueyourfingers 2897 days ago

This is my desktop background.

violetk 2917 days ago

Is there some sort of unspoken bond, an affinity between comedians and lemurs that we don't know about? Not that I'd limit you to being a comedian, you polymath, you :P

cocojoe 2919 days ago

Trop mignon!

Britannicus 2920 days ago :) Couldn't resist. He sure is quite the beauty. Is he a common brown?