Stephen Fry


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3057 days ago


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Mudhooks 2891 days ago

...just the moment before he attacked?

dinky2blue 2896 days ago

now let me take a pic of you!!!

RonniV 2940 days ago

That is the cutest little cheeky monkey

jamiebanwen 2943 days ago

looks as if somebodys stolen a ball of of him....

ashleighwells 2974 days ago

"You what ma'e?"

bluestockinette 2975 days ago

Ha ha he kind of looks like a mob boss... Marlon Brando talking about joining 'the family'.

glueyourfingers 3012 days ago

For some strange reason this photo immediately reminded me of Alan Davies.

nawaters 3034 days ago

Add a lightsaber and Frank Oz's voice...

violetfenn 3043 days ago

Oh my lordy, I wish to transform into a small monkey-type girl and live in endless bliss with this gorgeous chap. Hth.

wee_frumpy 3054 days ago

i think i am in love

canzonett 3055 days ago

That picture positively CRIES for subtitles! "Come on, let's haggle!" or "Dear brethren, eef ze universe were ze size of a coconut, wouldn't zees change our view on leaves lying on ze ground?"

fribble 3056 days ago

This begs to be macro-ed.

RockCandyRags 3056 days ago

"you want some of this? bring it, chimp" lol

RockCandyRags 3056 days ago

oh my gosh... too cute! That pose is priceless! :D

euripidean 3056 days ago

I love it when they dance - my housemates and I imagine that they are always in a dazed rush and shout "Paaaassing Throooooough!" as they trot along.

taluta 3057 days ago

"You talkin' ta me?" either that or heckling for a good price on letting you take the picture! LOL!! Lovely!

DesmoidSurvivor 3057 days ago

Something about the fur makes him seem like a pimp in a fur coat. Just needs some alligator shoes. Great shot :D

kiwitund 3057 days ago

definately something gangsterish going on in the pose! and for the first time it's adorable!! :D

kimyoofilms 3057 days ago

Oh, I don't know. I think he's more like, "Hey MTV. Welcome to my crib. This is my foyer..."

RichardWooding 3057 days ago

such a cool pose