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2728 days ago


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dinky2blue 2567 days ago

eww waiter, there's an alien in my food!

paddyanne 2621 days ago

odd! not even appetising. again, odd

Redwitch13 2640 days ago

I like the tablecloth

hebo69 2644 days ago

if yoou turn it upside down it looks like some sort of vampire vegy mouse!

fearfeasog 2645 days ago


funkie4ever 2647 days ago

Cthulhu omelette?

nawaters 2705 days ago

Now that's what I call an omelette.

62goingon32 2705 days ago

Ah, a Fryed breakfast, well, soon will be.

samsy 2714 days ago

Nice to see i'm not the only one who still plays with their food ;)

wee_frumpy 2725 days ago

yummers kik

steven_jarvis 2726 days ago

is that the right way up... I thought "lemur face omelette " was some sub-duvet activity...shame

GillCattroll 2727 days ago

I trust it was a vegetarian 'lemur omelette'; my hubby thought it was delicious - veggy that he is!!

DrGrobby 2727 days ago

I've been saving looking at this until I needed a giggle, and certainly lived up to my expectations! Thanks for breaking the monotony.

Jikan 2727 days ago

ha ha, nearlly as good as the kryton cappucino was served the other day

norwegiancheese 2727 days ago

I sigh at the blandness of my own breakfast! Do you think I would get the same effect with bananas in porridge? x

jenvargas 2727 days ago

I seriously want that table cloth.

aramonrose 2728 days ago

So which bit did you eat first, hmmm?

barbles42 2728 days ago

I'm just sitting here giggling.

Mxdp 2728 days ago

*wants to hug waitress for being so adorable*

Happyghost 2728 days ago