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1979 days ago


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bebefryyounge 1965 days ago

ha! as if thats the real ng their he'd be to scared to use twitter incase he gets thrown of it

machupiku 1965 days ago

WHAT! is that really NG being so foul?

simongt 1976 days ago

One of those empty seats was mine. Not so bad as vomiting, but carrying a nasty bit of flu and so watching from the lighting box

railroader6 1977 days ago


railroader6 1977 days ago

But Nick noticed that there were no blacks in the audience- not no Asians. I suggest that Tim learns to read pretty soon.

railroader6 1977 days ago

TWat erfield- the people in the front row are asian, Nick correctly noticed that there are no blacks in the audience, and he wonders why. Care to answer the question blind and dumb boy?

BobK99 1977 days ago

I seem to be in the 3rd row. Funny. I thought the last time I was in the ADC I was on the stage.

KTWan 1977 days ago

I was there! But am blurred... thanks for a great talk Stephen - was brilliantly inspirational and VERY funny!

jarzinio53 1978 days ago

Just who is Nick Griffin?

jarzinio53 1978 days ago

Who is Nick Griffin?

wondle 1978 days ago

Ahh, I see my son is in your pic - an ADC committee member and now lifelong fan!

TimWaterfield 1978 days ago

From what I can see, 3 out of 5 in the front row are too dark-skinned for Nick's liking. Blind as well as dumb, poor boy.

nick_griffin_ 1978 days ago

Hmmm good point, not a single black.Why is that ????

nick_griffin_ 1978 days ago

No blacks i see. You still voting BNP ?

nick_griffin_ 1978 days ago

Did you do your usual trick of masturbating and shooting your load all over the front row ?

TribalReflex 1978 days ago

Looks like some have been caught mid "YMCA" ....?

wagondogma 1978 days ago

GOSH! looks like an old cinema I used to goto back in the late 70's, and that guy in the middle of the forth row looks like he may have a lovely plaid shirt on...... Plaid is back .... or maybe not....

Prof_Plum 1979 days ago

Derek Acorah had those seats reserved for Michael Jackson, Elvis Prestley, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, and Freddie Mercury.

RealSimonB 1979 days ago

Did you shoot the people who were in the empty seats???

simonGman 1979 days ago

I don't believe it the girl in the third row from the front has her feet on the chair. Rif raf!