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A voodoo doll!

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1973 days ago

A voodoo doll!


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KenM442 1973 days ago

long lost kiss member from the early 70

DonnaGlaser 1973 days ago

A voodoo doll can also be used for healing. It is the intent of the person owning the doll that rules how it is used. "Those who put curses often wind up in hearses." The old saying goes!

DonnaGlaser 1973 days ago

OMG! A Hexed penis! LOL!

jennco93 1973 days ago

Hiliarious! Get me!!

ChristinaR38 1973 days ago

LOL too funny. I tried to get my IPT lead to get one for me while he was in New Orleans for a sit survey. no suck luck, I think he was afraid I would use it on him LOL

NikkieandMike 1973 days ago

i've known of some terrible stuff to happen to people who own those evil things...get rid of it

lisacarolquinn 1973 days ago

Is that a real N.O. voodoo doll? Wow!

DarkestAngel13 1973 days ago

gotta love NOLA lol

Exoriflower 1973 days ago

OMG! Shannon, I can believe u found a voodoo doll like that! Lmao. Ur jus somthin else! I love ya! Glad ur enjoying the trip!

michey007 1973 days ago

Omg its gene naked

scandalousME 1973 days ago


mo5150 1973 days ago

Blawahahahahaha!! I think they give the doll more credit then men deserve!