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2933 days ago


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zimabz 2842 days ago

WHAAT!! Thats in my dining room! Infact right next to me head right now, didnt know that it existed outside my very odd

hermanhagen 2923 days ago

Just saw that last week, along with the Damien Hirst skull. Bummed the Rijks Museum is still under construction and just has a small part of their collection up.

linesthrublue 2931 days ago

Blimey, thats a corker. I feel distant yet drawn in at the same time. Like being in an expensive cocktail bar.

Selma11 2932 days ago

Quite a deuzie indeed!

unityofeffect 2932 days ago

An accidentally tweeted Vermeer - beauty & humor in one tweet. You're quite amazing, you know that? :]

canisrufus 2932 days ago

Accident or no, it is a rather fantastic painting. , you Dutch do rule :-)

natpit 2932 days ago

I love that you make the most sophisticated mistakes, an 'accidental Vermmer' indeed! xxx

Mxdp 2932 days ago

Ahum. Yes, we Dutch, rule.

michael_elliott 2932 days ago

awe, that's nothing, i could PAINT that with my nuts. when i get them.

mu301nh 2932 days ago

good bit of groinage action

Claptomaan 2932 days ago

I must mention that I'm Dutch, here. Just to show off with our fantastic artists ;)

Lynx_Moon 2932 days ago

Beautiful! No matter you sent it by accident, it is still great. And funnier.

serpenatrix 2932 days ago

A spot of beauty pops up by accident and is enjoyed by more than 20.000 persons around the world. How nice life can be.

ianawi 2932 days ago

your nuts have good taste...
um, no pun intended.

robertlowe 2933 days ago

Not bad for a nut job! :)

spyderkl 2933 days ago

That's lovely, even if it was an accident! I'd say that proved your point about BB Storm.

M_a_r_k__ 2933 days ago

More nut control required - but it is a pic I have admired before so good to see it again. It sort of grabs your focus.

duzawe 2933 days ago

b e a u tiful

urbanwastrel 2933 days ago

: the painting is making my day feel less sordid already, x

LuLazoid 2933 days ago

I'm expecting the petit pan de mur jaune next...