Stephen Fry


British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger - NEVER reads Direct Messages

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1969 days ago


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06awilliams 1851 days ago

what james bond wishes he looked like

moniclare 1926 days ago

Gun ... determined look.... challenging stance..... Zurich on T shirt hmmm

ARISTOCREEP 1932 days ago

I really like your gun.

DawnLizzyR 1944 days ago

Gorgeous Stephen. x

iEeftoch 1953 days ago

Fry... Stephen Fry! Cool

MayLily 1961 days ago

Bond...Stephen Bond, and remember, Happiness Is a Warm Gun.

dingle88 1962 days ago

A very "Bond, James Bond" looking pose!!! Love it none the less

Rosie_NYFL 1964 days ago

Perfect, just perfect. Now, if your shoes are sneakers I can really see the movie poster.

The_Only_Smurf 1964 days ago

So Mr. Bond...

HugeHound 1964 days ago

My Name is Bond....Basildon Bond.

fletch49er 1965 days ago

the next James Bond me thinks!

RhymeswithCat 1965 days ago

Looking gooooood, Stephen! :)

iEeftoch 1965 days ago

Fry, Stephen Fry.... =) love it!

robdotcom71 1965 days ago

Ve have vays of making you talk.........

derekandkong 1965 days ago

Your plans for world domination are sadly mistaken Mr. Fry.

opentresor 1965 days ago

"I've been expecting you Mr. Teapot"..

robdotcom71 1965 days ago

The names Bond....err Fry...Stephen Fry!!!!

yorkshirelassey 1965 days ago

Superb......but a look I fear you may get bored with rather soon....

PeteUnderhill 1965 days ago

Somehow, with a Glock in one hand and the other perched on the hip, something looks out of balance. I'd say you should avoid firearms.

BritishSeaPower 1965 days ago

A t-shirt with a suit?? Bertie Wooster would be very cross!