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2123 days ago


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JimODon 2080 days ago

Now I think that's going a little too far, Stephen. You're interfering with dark forces you can't possibly understand.

KIARAsj17 2088 days ago


LittleEllen02 2119 days ago

ow Hahaha how dry! That's right, Stephen, fuck the system!

IanBHunter 2120 days ago

Huh! How'd ya do that? Are you like a real spiderman? How else could you be standing on the wall of my local curry house?

AColdNightFor 2120 days ago

I'm pretty sure you're breaking the rules of the universe now Steven...

iEeftoch 2121 days ago

Glad I'm not they only one who does this! =)

Galaxy666 2121 days ago

Do you also have wet-fit socks?

yorkshirelassey 2121 days ago

Ummmm.....easy enough to do I suppose as long as they feel comfy who cares....

petercackett 2122 days ago

LOL thats made my day :D

Me_Piglet 2123 days ago

I have but one question: why fingers are not signed specifically - from small to big ones, ha? :)

DonJabberwock 2123 days ago

Oh no you Di'nt !!
The spirit of the non-conformist shant be tamed by spatial directions

TrishaShaw 2123 days ago

And that sums up why I appreciate you soooo's so good to know that I'm not on my own ;o)

stivs62 2123 days ago

Were those feet launched on the tyne ;)

paganrosie 2123 days ago

Haha! Stephen - you wild and anarchic rebel, you! ;)

Zechie 2123 days ago

Are you missing a toe or two on your right (aka Dri-fit "left") foot?

codfish30 2123 days ago

Please Stephen, things like this make the universe implode. you should know this

JeanLerma 2123 days ago

You rebel! Maybe Nike was thinking they'd help the stupid people? Oh I KNOW! To appeal to the OCD people!

melgreufe 2123 days ago

In the words of Bob Odenkirk as Nostradamus, Dam these modern socks.

DamoGEmodeller 2123 days ago

For once, a genuine LOL!

bigrickym 2123 days ago

That carpet looks horrific. I'm sure it's just lovely in real life though...