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2728 days ago


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KittiwakeNature 2724 days ago

Bill Bailey has allergy issues at moment so I hear!..maybe you should pass them on to him to try? :)

harlanthejester 2726 days ago

So is cheese?!?!

trevorotti 2726 days ago

a stutter

trevorotti 2726 days ago

a stutter

megz2492 2726 days ago

stephen fry!! download on itunes 'chartjacker - ive got nothing' as all proceeds go to charity! do it...plz :)

aish999 2727 days ago

Oh I heart that - the glory of innuendo bingo!

txsarts 2727 days ago

Orally Disintegrating....I think my tongue is doing that right at this moment!

txsarts 2727 days ago

Orally Disintegrating... i think my toungue is doing that right now!

IanBHunter 2727 days ago

Are you in Duane & Reade? Love that place!

TobyDSmith 2727 days ago

Disintegrating?! Ouch. That sounds very painful.

InesAlbuq 2727 days ago

In portuguese, it would make much more sense, but I guess the ones who wrote this never heard of "false friends" lol

paganrosie 2727 days ago

Mm, sounds incredibly erotic! ;)

Ryokanfan 2727 days ago

brilliant ! classic, well spotted !

alteredorchid 2727 days ago

Sounds a bit scary really, doesn't it?

cuntyfuckstick 2727 days ago

Did you buy these? Perhaps something to give to Mr Davies when he's next being a potty mouth?

Neil__Robinson 2728 days ago

Or I suppose "Orally disintergrating" could refer to their effect, in that they dis-intergrate you from the oratory of the aforementioned "Al." For republicans then perhaps, or those adverse to the notion of climate change..

Neil__Robinson 2728 days ago

Are these for keeping interlocution with persons named "Al" to a desired minimum? I wouldnt like to guess at the manner in which they achieve this in light of "orally disintergrating..", poor Al..

Zechie 2728 days ago

Gives the impression that one may be imploding from the mouth outward.

artyfartystuff 2728 days ago

how about Orally Disgusting.

Theresa_____ 2728 days ago

I know a few people who tend to do that too. 'Melts in your mouth'.