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2725 days ago


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rawvideo 2668 days ago

that's us as the front with a camera...woop woop!

saxsurfer 2721 days ago

Much respect. Really heart warming to see.

krasnov203 2723 days ago

My respect.

magnusTheDead 2724 days ago

Here's a thought. Next time, let's all actually EAT poppies for remembrance day. World peace guaranteed.

Becky_Haag 2724 days ago

Goosebumps for sure. I know I paused at the 11th hour today. Happy to have learned German by choice...

twinmum22 2724 days ago

My class of 7yr olds were very sombre today - so important to keep the memory alive. Watching the footage at the Cenotaph always brings a tear to my eye.

Jon_8067 2724 days ago

Lest We Forget

BaronneSamedi 2724 days ago

Wish I had been able to be there... And I am so grateful to my English teacher for turning my personal silence into one for the whole class, after I told him at the start of the lesson what I would be doing. Thanks for uploading the picture.

MineralRabbit 2724 days ago

We stopped in the middle of a presentation for our two minutes silence during a seminar.

IanBHunter 2724 days ago

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janmicosLMF 2724 days ago

They fought for our freedom we should make sure the next generation understand why we should never forget.x

WestEndWendy1 2724 days ago

So many young lives lost through the years, giving their lives today for our tomorrow.Sobering pictures,thank you Stephen.

SerendipitySt 2724 days ago

Thank you for sharing this, very moving for me-having lost my brother in Afghanistan

SerendipitySt 2724 days ago

How moving that we can all be united at times, thank you for sharing this

barbarastoner 2724 days ago

I always remember this date and time, but only because of Dorothy Sayers' "The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club." That and 10/14/66 - 1066, that is. Embedded in the brain. I miss London.

TinyAtlas 2724 days ago

Spent time in Ypres and the Somme in March... find it so moving that so many still respect the 2 minute silence.

Hypermunk99 2724 days ago

I was there, the one in the black jacket, I really wanted to talk to and meet you stephen

gargantuan 2724 days ago

I look at the world now and I have to ask myself, is this what they fought for? I don't think we remember at all. I don't think we even care.

GertrudeSusanne 2724 days ago

I used to buy a poppy every year whilst living in the UK. (My grandfather spent time in Scotland as POW and wanted to return later as the locals had treated him with respect. Sadly, he died in 1969 aged 50.)

shelleyc2 2724 days ago

Thought the Sassoon poem was very brave both politically and personally. We were singing in choir and were desperate to say hello but can understand why you were so quiet