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2117 days ago


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Rather_Odd 1975 days ago

it's (takes deep breath) Blon Fel-Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen!! :L

scordale 2079 days ago

Four out of nine stars are actors! A must see movie? hmmm

mickmoart 2103 days ago

I had no idea you would be in a movie with one of the Slitheen Family from Doctor Who. But I suppose I know now! :P

Panlett 2115 days ago

Indeed a mixture of the UK's finest McGee/Daniels/Schofield a triple triumph ;-)

Andyroo18 2116 days ago

Is this a film about a Jam making competition? Frank skinner looks like hes taking it way too seriously!!

XKezza_HallettX 2116 days ago

wtf?! is this, like, really old or something?? ive never heard of this the pic looks like it came out in the 2nd world war!

sophoife 2116 days ago

What on earth has Patricia Hodge just witnessed?

kxross 2117 days ago

Darling, you look like someone just opened a ripe camembert.

Fryphile 2117 days ago

Is this Jam of the Def Comedy variety?

neeerv 2117 days ago

i enjoy this

antihuman_c 2117 days ago

Looks Like Gary has Goosed Lynda or she thinks Paul was sticking a gun in her back only to find it wasnt a gun.

maz1163 2117 days ago

cant wait to watch it it loks cool

elegsabiff 2117 days ago

Wow is that Fry or Robert Mitchum? Transported me straight to Ryans Daughter

englishcad 2117 days ago

The lure of Money! Standard flat fee of £37.89 and a weekend in Morocco... I say did the rash clear up?

CumbriaFilm 2117 days ago

I am curious now by this

patlogan 2117 days ago

When does JAM come to UK.

chaffro 2117 days ago

What did Lynda Bellingham find in your back pocket?

onepenney 2117 days ago

This is scarey!!

NotSoIrish 2117 days ago

Erm, does anyone know what the point of this film is?

foxi_fi 2117 days ago

is it just me or does paul daniels look like the scarecrow from wizzard of oz in that