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I'm Erin. The $5 Dinner Mom. I cook. I blog. I author cookbooks. And I can not make a meal that costs more than $5. Even if I try.

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I think that's Nicholas Cage up there in the tower!!!

My adorable little travel buddy! He really needs to winsome prize...he's like this ALL the time!

Couldn't decide on an outfit, so o bought all 3...which will I wear?!? Find out at 9:22 on QVC!!!

Time for some QVC GLAM-ification! I'm due on at 9:22AM!!!

Flight to Philly is late I grabbed 's latest for Ty and I to read (not eat!) while we wait!

Just landed with 2 out of 3 kids DEAD asleep on my, how to get off the plane without making a scene?!?

Look what happened as we walked up to security (yes, I had to carry both baby and big boy thru!)

Will I make it out alive?!? #deepbreath and GO.....

QVC Outfit #1 top with #5 pants

QVC Outfit #5b (I) - with a softer pink shell

QVC Outfit #5b - the right shell under the jacket

My favorites...1, 2, 3 from the left...what's your favorite?!?

QVC Outfit Choice #5 B - pink top with jacket

QVC Pitfit Choice #5 A -green top without the jacket

QVC Outfit Choice #4-Imagine a black shell to cover the "cleave"!

QVC Outfit Choice #3 - the blue simmering psuedo suit top

QVC Outfit Choice #2 - shiny maroon top

QVC Outfit Choice #1

Boys being silly in front of the mirrors!

QVC Choice #4