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Hipster of Endurance. Director of @PistachioRacing. Sales & Product Expert @REI. @UofA & @KappaAlphaOrder Alumnus. These views are my own.

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Couldn't figure out if that was the dealership name or what. Noticed it when I dropped my rental off.

Talking about Stow-N-Go "Bagel" Sports Bra, the staffer asks, "Are you saying 'Bagel' or 'Big Ole?'"

I hope you'll go see #Machete3!

Danny Trejo & I had a mishap on the set of #Machete3. Took a slice to the neck. http://twitpic.com/ec39yw

Danny Trejo & I had a mishap on the set of #Machete3. Took a slice to the neck.

"The Machete Story" is what I'm telling the ladies, haha! Scheduled surgery to fix some stuff.

#ICYMI & I had a mishap on set while filming #Machete3 yesterday in #ATX. Full recovery expected.

Good morning! Recovering well and enjoying the and my first cup of coffee post-surgery! #pimpinjoy

Heavily medicated, bandaged with tubes coming out of my neck... I think it's the perfect time to sign up for !

Meant to send you this a month ago. Tetris skills came on handy!

Super stoked to actually get to use my Trans-Alpine transition bag's raincover! #gearjunkie

My lawyer , visiting #Zona, snuck this shot of . , great inter-fraternal friend!

Heading into a 5-hour training, but I've got the loaded with so I'm good to go!

Dikembe Mutumbo says "You better not!"

So you're telling me Lando got the job done and that I better book it on a shuttle craft to Endor?

Hands down the LX-4000 and Tikka RXP is my favorite night running combo! #JFR #gearjunkie

Hope my #Cycle & #Fitness industry friends have a great week at #Interbike in Vegas! In '09, I lived #TheHangover.

Lovin' the fact that and I are and advisors. I now get texts like this:

Yup! RT : Wearing tri hear under street clothes makes me feel like a superhero. You know, more than usual.

.: Can I borrow the ?

Me: No, Torje called dibs.

: I got us this in the meantime.