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Knock knock. Who's there? A girl. A girl who? A girl who had a low pain, higher energy day & got to spend the day out of bed with my family!!!! #CountYourBlessings

In the lobby...heading home! #Nervous

Hospital has channel w/ instructional videos geared to my diagnosis (DVT clot) & treatment! Too cool! Watching how to give injections of anticoagulant in my tummy at home. Have had lots of practice w/ Natalie's diabetes injections.

Happy belated Bday to the best brother a girl could have! Jake sent me pics of him w/ my mom & sister celebrating that made me feel I was there with them instead of stuck in the hospital. Just like my brother to give ME a gift like that on HIS birthday! I love him so very much! <3

Dinner date. <3

Found out there are paper heart sticky thingies for sensitive skin! Had welts from the regular ones after last hospital stay so I'm thrilled to switch to these! #ItsTheLittleThings

#SalivateSunday My hot man by his mom and Dave's pool. I can't wait until we can travel again and live life to the fullest!! I actually feel more hope than I have in a long time that I just might get my life back finally!! :)

Going for the foot for the first time ever!

Still trying. They know to bring a LOT of supplies 4 me. Calling 4 even smaller pediatric sizes now.

Onto IV number 5 I think? Last one just gave out.

Time for the AccuVein machine! IV blew.

These hospital curtains remind me of Oprah's logo.

Happy anniversary to us! 3 years ago today, I won the love lottery so these health problems can suck it because I'm still the luckiest girl in the world! <3

Happy early anniversary to us! <3 #MyForever

I refuse to be stuck in this bed 1 more second. Even if it kills me. #Literally

#OkayOkay Natalie: "U look like Hazel Grace." Home now, resting & okay. Just exhausted. Thank U4 prayers, love and support.

This really REALLY needs to stop! :(

Went to Urgent Care for allergic reaction/swollen lip...left in ambulance to ER b/c of an abnormal EKG. :(

The gang's all here! Remembering Uncle Art & celebrating Ethan's 16th bday from afar! <3