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Affordable housing campaigner for @pricedoutuk, & Lib Dem who bangs on about drugs, immigration, tax and democracy, with the odd bit of bleepy music in between.

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Look at this housing wealth distribution graph then look at it again. Utterly shocking. (h/t )

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Here's the "landlords on a yacht in the Caribbean" page that are pushing through tenants' letterboxes.

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Very interesting chart of UK's net migration with other EU countries. h/t

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A bit tetchy from (cc )

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This is basically how I feel about the US presidential campaign (though it's turning into more of a coronation)

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I needed to get this out of my head - can you tell what it is? Clue: It's to do with the previous Labour govt.

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Cracker toy instructions on how to do a magic cups trick were not very helpful!

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The value of land for residential development in various cities (land's value is determined by its scarcity):

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10 points if you can work out where in the world I am in this photo

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Historical polling data on 'who gives 2 hoots about the #EU' from . #EUref

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Q2 2010 house sales, distributed by price. Land Registry data.

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Home Office response to the ACMD, visualised:

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...and an alternative version in a much more Lib Dem colour:

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Both Labour and Conservative conferences used a union flag/party logo mash-up. Here's my attempt with the LD logo:

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Screengrab of me at my #ldconf debut!

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Here's another view of the represented vs ignored voter data from the general election. (I don't have NI data)

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Infographic: Represented vs ignored voters by party at the 2010 general election

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2010 general election: more voters were ignored than represented because of First Past The Post.

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Infographic: the new English constituencies plotted by their projected 3 party vote in 2010

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Based on this Guardian analysis http://bit.ly/oeJF5b here's a quick scatter plot of the new English constituencies

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