I can neither confirm nor deny reports that I am in fact, the Santa CAH

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max, we can't always be Superman. Sometimes we're Spider-Man. #parkerluck

error loading any Instagram picture in the media view.

World's smallest transformers + Masterpiece is the best idea

World's smallest transformers + Masterpiece is the best idea

Happy birthday !

Woo! Tiny little Optimus and Megatron

There was also Gavan Ga~van

Ramen ra~men

so...there doesn't seem to actually be a way to buy ducktales even though it's featured in the games tab

"A haunted house" doesn't deserve to be in the satire categoryit should be in the "do not watch unless you're drunk"


tell him this is what we all look like

It's "the Campbell"'s birthday! I don't have a photo cool enough to congratulate him

I assure you it's quite Prime...

Well hey what's this huge box here....

I counter


Woo! Box from I'm sorry to tell you but your spider-man is horribly off model sir.

No one want to buy this wonderful manga to benefit dog butts?

Amazon Jetwing prime is one of the best purchases I made mah jetwinging brother