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This photie of #NotoriousBIG was taken just after he finished kindergarden; cool as the other side of the pillow:

SMASH THE STATE!!! (...except on dole day...) #RockandDole #Lab12 :

its boss you know! Its like a cold/blended milkshake with little jelly balls at the bottom! Like this! :

Fucking hell la, just seen the worst greeting cards on the planet in some shop. Would you send Matt LeBlanc to anyone?

I know a lot has been said on this & the ref's decision is final but two-footed, studs-up? That's a red card #LFC #YNWA

damn it feels good to be a #Toadfish :

Its twenty-past six on a Sunday morning; that's #Toadfish Time, motherfuckers!

brilliant! Its on!!

After the brawl, I told him "when Gotham is ashes, then you have my permission to cum" - he wasn't that impressed :

So what did you do today...? Oh, only picked a fight with THE GODDAMN #BATMAN! #Spaceport :

Got KAPOW'ed, ZZZAPP'ed and KERSPLAT'ed by #WonderWoman - she well loved it though! #Spaceport :

#GreenLantern obviously didn't get the joke... #Spaceport :

Superhero bonanza at the #SpacePort today! Went down there but got decked by Kick Ass & Hit Girl before I could get in!


just clocked this at the bottom of a P60... #Badass :

hah! They're boss, but I've got Billy Bear Meat that's some real next level shit! :

its a good job it wasn't...

my log was so big it had a face; I named him...

I didn't even need a shit...

hah! You could say a stunt like that was... Collateral Damage :