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Not to be outdone by the ladies, this guy got into the "what the hell were you thinking" tattoo process. No. Just no.

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#whyyougotatattooof a lightning bolt scar? Bitch, you are not Harry Potter.

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#whyougotatattooof shame. That was the point of this woman's tattoo, right?

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Yup, I decided to #speaknow. If you only knew what was being said....

  • 1857 days ago via site
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I decided to heed the #speaknow trend and say something I've wanted to say for a long time...

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Finding Nemo can stop trending now. I found him.

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#thatwouldbeawesome for those days when you don't feel like having to go out to wreak havoc.

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Of all the #unheardcelebbooks this is probably the most shocking....

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If we could start using this as a new form of punishment/torture #thatwouldbeawesome.

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#Glee is on tonight so I've been working on my moves. Sue might replace Bellatrix as my favorite Death Eater.

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This is clearly altered. I have red eyes. Damn you photoshop! Regardless, several things are clear: the bitch is back & #theendisnear.

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#twothingsthatdontmix Lord Voldemort & nose jokes

  • 1880 days ago via site
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#namesomethingawful: Rumors. I'm just going to clear the air; we did not make-out. Paparazzi clearly doctored this photo.

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I might do this #becauseimagansta. I mean, I already did it once. Maybe this time he'll come back as a fairy. Wait...

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#ihaveafriend. We get along like most friends, aka we secretly hate each other & complain about everything the other person does.

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#aintnothingsexyabout stupid people.

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#ifbiebermetgaga she'd probably try & turn him into a horcrux. Too late Gaga, you'll have to settle for this....

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Based on this picture it's clear that shame #canbefoundatwalmart.

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#dontyoujusthateitwhen people use religion to justify their own insanity. I was with you until the whole owl thing.... WTF?

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Why buy "JLS condoms" when you could have these?

  • 1903 days ago via site
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