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Moved to ancestral home of Peebles from San Diego in July 2001. Retired English teacher:Taught in USA, Canada & Scotland. +FreeLanceJournalistPhotographer.☮

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This must be the new Jesus with a haircut and whiter than ever. Just got this in my door from Jahovah's Witnesses.

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St. Patrick's Day greeting. We have this at our bedside. Got it from church in Peebles.

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Typo in Rankin's Fleshmarket Close, Ian? 1st Rankin book I read.Now and on 2nd read through all books.

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tap to edit your tweet. image url will be added.

My 95 year old mother-in-law is a Rankin fan. She loves Edinburgh locations as she's always lived here.

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My great great uncle who fought under Abe Lincoln. I was named after my granddad who was named for him.

You're in good company, Ian. Tesco-Gala.

Aye, Ian! Resonates with we teachers secretly humming last day of school. @ In today's Guardian.

Aye Ian! This song resonates especially to we teachers who were inwardly humming it the last school day.

. Spotted at Peebles' Tesco. Of course I enjoyed it in hardback!

where's rebus when we need him?

iPhone business cards. Not too shabby, eh?

Have a great day, Ian. Think of Naming of the Dead as a feature length film. We Yanks would love it!

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Springtime comes to Peebles, Scotland. Ducks do it, Doves do it... First duckling sighting this morning!

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Finally made it to The Ox with my bride. No Rebus, nor Ian, but got the right drink.

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Guardian is Number One iPad app at Apple Store!

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Looks like Siri has problems on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Celeb Playlist should include
Ian Rankin.

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Looks like both Steve Jobs and Ian Rankin are important enough to feature in Audible.
I'll be reading both books as I prefer reading rather than being read to.

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