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Shaman, Sex Healer, Intersexed Lesbian, Former Prostitute, Recovering carpet, Bona-fide freak of nature, queer porn model, Goddess of Awesome Sauce.

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  • 2080 days ago via site
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Found this old pic of me "crossdressing" at age 19 while clearing out pics on Second Life. I was almost pretty once

  • 2103 days ago via site
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How I look on Second Life, the REAL me, on the inside.

  • 2111 days ago via site
  • 116

Just posting this to show the twat who claimed he had proof that the most amazing had resigned with TNA.

  • 2189 days ago via site
  • 75

And here she is getting loved on by Fran.

  • 2192 days ago via site
  • 87

For any who were worried, here's Shiny, all bandaged up and recovering nicely.

  • 2192 days ago via site
  • 80

Now if only Fran would stop playing with it and claiming it's some guy's balls.

  • 2192 days ago via site
  • 62

Within a half hour, Shiny woke up and was already eating in her post-op recovery shoebox.

  • 2192 days ago via site
  • 66

This is Fran cleaning Shiny up post-operatively.

  • 2192 days ago via site
  • 60

This is the tumour we removed from our sweet little shiny.

  • 2192 days ago via site
  • 60

Sewriously how does this keep happening to me? I'm nobody, nothing special, why do strangers keep pedastailizing me???

  • 2208 days ago via site
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until you see the comments in the screenshot here.

  • 2219 days ago via site
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I made this on SL. For some reason since I put it on sale I keep finding bat-shaped razors in my door.

  • 2226 days ago via site
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See what she did there? Haters ALWAYS fuck up if you give them enough rope.

  • 2232 days ago via site
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Two days ago, from my e-mail. I have no words. There's NO way a broken down wretch like me can really have THIS much impact on anyone.

  • 2242 days ago via site
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Anyone noticing a slight flaw in the recommendations?

  • 2259 days ago via site
  • 66

Because he's all about being honest and up-front and transparent doncha know?

  • 2262 days ago via site
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Because rampant sexism and the rape culture are for men to critique. *GAGS*

  • 2263 days ago via site
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My first attempt at using the Colors painting app for Nintendo DS Homebrew. A side portrait of Fran.

  • 2304 days ago via site
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And with his mommy, my stepdaughter.

  • 2362 days ago via site
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