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Peekaboo beavers are rare creatures in BC They close their eyes while felling trees which can fall the wrong way

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Due to global warming HarperGovt has cloned new animal to survive in the Arctic-The PolarRoo.

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Sometimes you just want to see how the other side lives

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KaraokeCats A recent import from Asia, they often found drunkenly singing pop songs off key in local bars

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Firecats drink from Methane contaminated waters near fracking sites in B.C.

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AlbertaFatCats are used to patrol and protect the oil pipelines. They can be lured away by large sums of $$$$$

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Lotusdogs are the most calm pet found on the BC coast + the only animal that can growl the words Om and Dude

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WovenPanda's are a separate + rare species commonly found in the UK and North America around writers' colonies.

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Sometimes banjo rats will harmonize with Soprano bunnies + their eerie melodies can be heard throughout the woods

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In B.C. during the salmon season bears rely on Walletgulls to store their fish Gulls get part of catch as payment.

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And then he said either the dog goes or I do BOL

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Toque Owls swoop down on hikers + pull small strands of yarn from their sweaters which they use to make warm hats

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Excuse me, can I use your toaster?

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Abandoned by their former geek owners Dogwoks roam BC forests dress as cute characters from sci-fi films

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Canada's giant Marmots often take in children of hikers killed by Sabretoothed squirrels until they're rescued

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TogueBunnies are found all over Canada, They have symbiotic bond with humans; Safety in exchange for warm hats

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A Catram in full attack mode. Not so cute and fluffy are they?

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Vaudeville Cats, found backstage at Canadian theatres. Known slapstick +doing sand dances in their litter boxes

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