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And then he said either the dog goes or I do BOL

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Toque Owls swoop down on hikers + pull small strands of yarn from their sweaters which they use to make warm hats

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Excuse me, can I use your toaster?

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Abandoned by their former geek owners Dogwoks roam BC forests dress as cute characters from sci-fi films

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Canada's giant Marmots often take in children of hikers killed by Sabretoothed squirrels until they're rescued

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TogueBunnies are found all over Canada, They have symbiotic bond with humans; Safety in exchange for warm hats

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A Catram in full attack mode. Not so cute and fluffy are they?

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Vaudeville Cats, found backstage at Canadian theatres. Known slapstick +doing sand dances in their litter boxes

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Windhounds try and attract mates by standing in breezy locations to get the best windswept look.

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Cantaleaf owls, only flightless owl in the coastal rainforest. Believed to be delicious

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Liondogs, used by hikers to defend against sabretoothed squirrels, owldeer and catrams.

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New breed of giraffe. Pocket giraffes bred so the species survives higher temperatures + dwindling food sources

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Another creature of the forest. SonarCats are alert for the cries of SopranoBunnies, their favourite prey.

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HiBears pose a danger to BC hikers Bears waiving distracts them allowing sabretoothed squirrels to drop on them

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Falloff mountain goats-very rare in BC rainforests The long hair gets in their eyes + they fall to their deaths.

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SopranoBunnies, one of the rarest of rainforests creatures. Known for their distinctive cry when danger is near.

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I fear for the children of this land and what Canada will be like after Harper #DenounceHarper

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An owldeer.

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Catrams, roam our local forests too. Their horn's protect them from sabretoothed squirrels and

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