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here's another one i did just last night! hope you like it!

  • 2120 days ago via site
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And This is Hannibal Poster B for Vin Diesel Hope you like it as well Peace and Light Charlie:)

  • 2121 days ago via site
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This is a New Hannibal Poster i did for Vin Diesel Hope you like it! Peace and Light Charlie:)

  • 2122 days ago via site
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This is the Pic He liked! i and Honored and Humbled Thank you Vin You da Man! Love and Light Charlie")

  • 2123 days ago via site
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Movie Poster i did for Vin Diesel Waiting to get the Green Light from the studio to make Hannibal the Conqueror!

  • 2125 days ago via site
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Here's another teaser poster i made for Rainman 2.0 Poster B Drive Free or Die Trying a Les Grossman Film!

  • 2126 days ago via site
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Tom why didn't you guys say there was a Sequel to Rainman I'm definitely
seeing this! Charlie Babbit!

  • 2126 days ago via site
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Hey K, sorry when i saw this i felt inspired to create think you'll like this! well i hope?

  • 2129 days ago via site
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I am proud of this Animated gif! it's called Dam and Letty Rain! a symbol of Letty's tears for Dom!

  • 2130 days ago via site
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I made this animation of Dom from Fast and Furious in Flames!

  • 2130 days ago via site
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Can you say Product placement! My little add for Fast 5 Do out in Spring of this year!

  • 2131 days ago via site
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I made this for Vin Diesel's Photo Album To me Letty will never Die! Her Love for Dom is Eternal!

  • 2134 days ago via site
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Here's a Pic i made for Vin Diesel Chronicles of Riddick The Fast and the Furian!

  • 2135 days ago via site
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Here's one i also made for John! #AYNIN Being Nostalgic and going back in time! 1984!

  • 2138 days ago via site
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Made this for Nostalgia sake, being that on #AYNIN the band went back to their 80's Roots a Flash back pic!

  • 2138 days ago via site
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#ChrisHanson which is really Hansen! i love this show! to Catch a Predator! Now on SYFY

  • 2141 days ago via site
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  • 2143 days ago via site
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Breaking News: Bin Laden Found in Dubai Night Club aka SpinLaden Mixing it up from the mancave!

  • 2144 days ago via site
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here's what the Teaser Poster will look like! for The Dark Knight Rises Original Work by Me! Hope you like it!

  • 2144 days ago via site
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My Dark Knight Rises Poster! for 2012

  • 2144 days ago via site
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