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there is still a role for emotionally articulate art that has something important to say about the poignancy and tragedy of the human condition

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"Sometimes, it's hard to be a woman".

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Among the fine European picture frames in the collections of the world's museums, the stocks of frame and picture dealers, the salesrooms of auction houses, and the residences of collectors are 18th-century Parisian examples stamped with the name of the menuisier that made them. Twenty-two framemakers have been identified by their stamp, to be found on the backs of régence, rococo, and neoclassical picture frames: Étienne Avril, Henri Brunel, Cardereau, Jacques-Charles-Denis Chartier, Jean Chérin, Jean-Jacques Coiffié, Thomas Dumont, Paul Georges, Nicolas Heurtaut, Claude and Étienne-Louis Infroit, André Lambert, Henri Létonné, Antoine Levert, Pierre Meunier, Pierre-François Millet, Claude Pépin, Jacques Roze, A. Solaro Schlüss, Denis Toupillier, André Tramblin, and T.-S. Vasseur. Because the names of most French framemakers of the period remain unknown, stamped picture frames are of prime importance. Traditional frame Fig. 1

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e don’t know how to say goodbye
We don't know how to say goodbye,
we wander on, shoulder to shoulder.
Already the sun is going down:
You're moody, I am your shadow.

Let's step inside a church and watch
baptisms, marriages, masses for the dead.
Why are we different from the rest?
Outdoors again, each of us turns his head.

Or else let's sit in the graveyard
on the trampled snow, sighing to each other.
That stick in your hand is tracing mansions
in which we shall always be together.

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lackened Notes from Schelling’s Underground.” Until then.

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looking back, I should have deboarded the Virgin Airlines plane after seeing the saggy-bellied bros in Ed Hardy t-shirts and reams of neon pink lights lining the aisles. Upon checking into the Paris hotel, Joe jokingly asked, “So, what’s the theme of this hotel?” Unfortunately, the joke was lost on the fake-titted orange receptionist, who replied “Like, Paris, ugh.” Later that night at 2am, I fled the plebeians and phillistines at PURE, paying $11 for a copy of The Ecomist in a frenzy.”

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RAD? Huh?

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A woman cannot discover new oceans unless she has the courage to lose sight of the shore. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1qbs0CkLKA

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Arguing that astrology is not essentially predictive but rather productive of intuitive insights, The Astrology of Personality was one of the most influential tracts of "free-will" astrology, despite being written in the dense, circuitous style that characterizes much of Rudhyar's writing.

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Szasz first presented his attack on "mental illness" as a legal term in 1958 in the Columbia Law Review. In his article he argued that mental illness was no more a fact bearing on a suspect's guilt than is possession by the devil.[6]

Szasz first presented his attack on "mental illness" as a legal term in 1958 in the Columbia Law Review. In his article he argued that mental illness was no more a fact bearing on a suspect's guilt than is possession by the devil.[6]


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Ai teaches Estraven telepathy, or mindspeech. Estraven hears Ai's voice as that of his dead brother Arek to whom he swore kemmering. Although incest between siblings is not taboo, they are forbidden to swear allegiance for life.

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Second, if you want to try to work through this problem, at a minimum you’ll need to reestablish trust (see, how to rebuild trust).

Finally, there are a few products that you can purchase that will protect your privacy and prevent ANYONE from monitoring your computer activity in the future (see, personal antispy software).

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The Black Swan of Cairo (Foreign Affairs). FUKUSHIMA: I wrote all I have to say in Note 142. Associated scientific paper on error rates that have error rates.

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Say what you like about sex with aliens in science fiction movies, whether it is humans having sex with aliens or aliens having sex with other aliens or aliens doing whatever, one thing is certain. Sex, love, romance, mating instinct, call it what you want, it remains one of the most powerful forces in this or any universe


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bespectacled well-meaning klutz, a lonely demi-god, the most eligible bachelor among the superheroes, the "man (alien) of steel" seems to have finally come to embrace his humanity. When we last see him he looks ready and willing to make some major commitments. It will be interesting to see how he juggles the new-found responsibilities with his daytime job.


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Two Basic Things You Need to Know

* It is not easy for people to receive information not connected to anything they are familiar with.

* The truth is not always useful to people.

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"I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."

— President Ronald Reagan, Speech to the United Nations, 42nd General Assembly, September 21, 1987

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You are going to help make the world a better place. Simply by sharing this information and helping people integrate it into their daily lives, you are going to radically alter the planet and all its population. As you discover we are not alone in the universe, you will learn to value and appreciate the differences between human beings. We will no longer see the differences between us as a threat, but instead as one of our most cherished virtues. This will be a necessary change before we can be included with the rest of the societies in our universe.

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The next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.”

— General Douglas MacArthur speech to West Point graduating cadets in 1955.

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