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there is still a role for emotionally articulate art that has something important to say about the poignancy and tragedy of the human condition

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Love and all things shall be added into you. It is love that makes you all-attention

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Stripped of all its outer encrustations, spirituality emerges as a science, as scientific as any other, as verifiable in its results. Let any seeker take it up and let him create in the laboratory of the soul the conditions that are prerequisite; as sure as the day follows the night shall he rise into the Kingdom of God

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In times like the present, men should utter nothing for which they would not willingly be responsible through time and eternity

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he Holy Initiation into the Mysteries of the Beyond is a unique start for further development. Most of you have been blessed with this rare gift of heavenly nature with the Grace of the Master. Now it is up to you to develop it from day to day by regular, faithful, and accurate meditations. I am glad that most of you have been devoting regular time for your holy meditations and enjoying inner bliss and harmony. I wish you more of success in your ventures.

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a follow up letter from India

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Similar to other creative occupations with rigid caste structures such as architecture, professorship, or design, the culinary world is a hyper-competitive, insular microcosm that systematically rewards the fruits of megalomania. Megalomaniacs are douchebags. Douchebags still rock fauxhawks - and are 4x as likely to if they're contestants on a reality show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvCG7kgxeCc

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Letter to an initiated couple dated May 4, 1965


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Love, Concentration, and Self-surrender

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..✄.....©... Blek Le Rat is me, I am completely inside myself. (laughs) But seriously, as an artist I have always wanted to reach someone. .....✄.....©...

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The little self or ego within has to be eliminated by dissolving it into service of humanity

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This is why the Internet can help you accomplish any goal (or put off any goal).

"Oh, some baseball player died. Who was he? Ah, Jose Lima. Guess I will Google him to find out ..."


Jose Lima -> Major League Baseball -> History of Baseball in the United States -> Cy Young -> Walter Johnson -> Ogden Nash -> Carnival of the Animals -> Wendy Carlos -> Momus.

"Huh ... who is Momus?"

Brilliant. And this song is fantastic.

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On my return from the tour, it has come to my notice that there exist misapprehensions, which if not guarded against or checked might prove harmful to many interested in the path http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJHGxtmKO84

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sensitive to pleasure


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Three years ago, CAMP co-initiated the online footage archive PAD.MA. This was a specific proposal for how video material could exist and be “thrown forth” beyond the limits of the filmmaking economy, and past YouTube. Now containing several hundred hours of densely annotated, transcribed, and open-access footage, PAD.MA poses many questions for digital archiving, film, and online video. It also seeds a set of possibilities and practices around footage, distribution, screening, referencing, and writing through video. Implications for the contexts of art, documentary, and theory will be the subject of this presentation.

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Beautiful Inside My Head Forever

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the oldest star ever, if you count emotional years, the toll they take, dramas galore for a dozen lifetimes. She was ‘She,’ who had stepped into the Flame once too often.

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Love letter or conspiratorial letter, letter of betrayal or letter of mission, letter of summons or letter of distress, we are assured of but one thing: the Queen muse not bring it to the knowledge of her lord and master

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Reverse marketing is the concept of making the customer seek the firm rather than marketers seeking the customer. [1] Usually, this is done through traditional means of advertising, such as television advertisements, print magazine advertisements and online media. Reverse marketing works mainly on the basis of the Law of Attraction. While marketing mainly deals with finding the right set of customers and targeting them, Reverse marketing deals with strategies that would make the customer find the company offering the product.
Leenders and Blenkhorn define Reverse Marketing as "an aggressive and imaginative approach to achieving supply objectives. The purchaser makes the initiative in making the proposal."[2] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRlATh98UsA

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I can almost guarantee that you did something seriously wrong in the relationship which contributed to the break up. It’s just that maybe you are not aware of what occurred because you lack the knowledge to know what went on. Maybe you didn’t know how attraction works, you didn’t effectively listen to your partner, or you didn’t have the assertive skills to address a problem that was concerning you. Can you now see the powerful role you may have played in the break up?

It is important that you know getting over a break up is more than just moving on. It is learning from your past for a better future by accepting responsibility for what occurred. Look at the situation as a learning experience in your journey towards finding your ultimate partner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bxFVKd0A2E

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Blair: A woman needs to be with a man who thinks of only her. Anything else is a non-starter. Tell him how you feel. DOROTA! More flour.

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